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“Frank Viele Ventured to Muscle Shoals to Make New Music, Found “Claws” ~ TINA BENITEZ-EVES


“Viele is a force of nature. The man is a voracious songwriter and an amazing performer. In addition, Frank‘s voice is embedded with that perfect bluesy timbre that conveys fervor in every note.”

It’s Psychedelic Baby Mag

With several albums under his belt and a growing reputation as one of the most exciting voices in Americana music, Frank Viele continues to push the boundaries of what it means to be a modern singer-songwriter.

Country 105

In the few years I’ve know this artist, he’s continued to push the envelope, step out of comfort zones and flex his musical muscles in the name of growth.


Despite the apocalyptic look in the video the lyrics is the most powerful part of the song. Finding ourselves in the midst of wondering who we are in life and the distraction that is life, in general, is chaos in itself.

The City’s Backyard

Frank Viele Stops By The City’s Backyard Podcast:


Connecticut-based singer-songwriter Frank Viele shares a heartfelt and vulnerable new track entitled “Claws,”


“Claws” Makes The Tinnitist Weekly Playlist:

Stereo Stickman

Frank Viele sets the mood with ease and captivates for his storytelling and vocal prowess combined, with Hearts We Left Behind.   Frank Viele’s performance is also second to none, impressively versatile in navigating the various sections of this release – from those country verses to the pop-ready pre-chorus to the eventually anthemic resolve. ~ Rebecca Cullen

Music Mecca

The Connecticut-born musician is a staple in the East Coast Americana music scene. Throughout his extensive musical career, Viele has proven himself to be a quadruple-threat as a singer, guitarist, songwriter, and performer, racking up accolades over the past seven years, including Album of the Year with the New England Music Awards, Male Performer of the Year, Songwriter of The Year (2X), and Live Act of The Year. ~ Isabella Ellis

Given To Rock

“I’ve never taken the easy road musically,” Viele stated. “When you hear Otis Redding’s Blue or Bob Seger’s Night Moves, you feel it. Those songs grab you. That’s what music is supposed to do. That’s what I want to do.” Frank Viele is a tireless musician. Most recently, he performed onstage alongside giants like Lee DeWyze, John Waite, and Zach Myers of Shinedown. Jan. 18 marks the beginning of Frank’s 20-city US tour. ~ Giovanni Gagliano

Country 102.5

Frank Viele has been a busy artist. Since we last heard from him, he’s been traveling the country sharing his unique brand of music. The grit, soul and fire is still there. But there’s more of a worldly edge to his sound. Frank’s new release had me immediately drawing comparisons to other impassioned, gravel-toned singers; Bruce Springsteen and Kip Moore. ~ Carolyn Kruse

My Amp Music

Frank Viele continues to astound. His new single is entitled “Hearts We Left Behind” and once again he has crafted a classic. Viele is a consummate wordsmith. His songs contain magic dust capable of spinning webs of musical ecstasy.  ~ Ralph Beauchamp

Little Star PR

“Hearts We Left Behind” is a hard-hitting new single by the Connecticut-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist Frank Viele. Written just a few hours after Viele landed in Birmingham Al, and made his way to Muscle Shoals, the birthplace of many of his musical heroes. Viele recalls sitting down with producers James LeBlanc and Jimmy Nutt as the idea for “Hearts We Left Behind” came to him, “…the idea of pushing forward towards what you want but not running away from what made you who you are was cycling through my head. 


Frank Viele opened the show with an epic solo acoustic set. I was sitting with my friend and keyboardist Bear Campo (Black Mountain Symphony/Smittix) who pointed out that Frank had a lot of Jon Bon Jovi in his vocal stylings, patterns and runs. He didn’t mean that in a bad way at all but once he said it I couldn’t unhear it. Trust me we mean no offense by this at all but rather the opposite, Bon Jovi has a great voice or at least he did in his prime and Frank had many of these qualities but with more of a cutting edge. ~ Staff

Scope Mag

Frank Viele is a talented singer-songwriter, guitarist & performer and he has outdone himself with his latest EP titled ‘Time Is A Thief’. The listener will instantly be attracted to the coolness of Frank Viele’s voice and his smooth guitar strumming. With elements of Americana, rock and blues, Frank has a unique style that will connect with many people out there. ~ Jimmy Rae

The Aquarian

What’s His Name? His name is Frank Viele and his self-released follow-up to 2015’s Fall Your Way will have even the most demanding of listeners sitting up a little straighter in their seats when they hear What’s His Name. ~ Mike Greenblatt

No Depression

“Viele’s true strength lies in letting you into his world with vivid storytelling. The tracks alternate seamlessly between jazzy versus more “nitty-gritty” blues while all staying relatable, through a constant theme of “romance gone wrong.” ~ Pia Finnigan

Time Is A Thief Premieres At #15 On The Jam Radio Charts!


“Frank’s voice is mesmerizing”

Scope Mag

“Writing from the heart and playing like there is no tomorrow, Frank Viele has created a timeless piece and one that can be appreciated and revisited time and time again”

Indie Band Guru

“Once a musical passion takes hold it is up to the artist to transform it into songs. If dedication and talent combine with that passion, huge things can happen. Frank Viele seems to have all of these traits and has plenty of music coming.”

The JW Vibe

“In only four tunes, Viele showcases a wide range of vocal/guitar artistry, musical styles and captures our need to cherish each moment with loved ones. While we look forward to a full LP of these amazing dynamics, we can no doubt return to these transcendent tracks again and again to help us better appreciate the time between now and then.”


“The man is a voracious songwriter and an amazing performer. In addition, Frank‘s voice is embedded with that perfect bluesy timbre that conveys fervor in every note.”

Time Is A Thief Premieres At #22 On The Jam Radio Charts!

Vents Magazine

The song blends some familiar melodies Country fans will recognize instantly along with some vocals that remind us to the Chief of Rock N’ Roll, Bruce Springsteen. ~ RJ Frometa

The Alternate Root

“Frank Viele has a street growl. His is the kind of voice you hear on a city corner, some guy with a guitar and a story that grabs you enough to miss crossing with the light.” ~Danny

Relix Magazine

“Video Premiere: Frank Viele Enlists Joe Bonamassa and Tim Palmieri for “Broken Love Song”

The Deli

Frank Viele as the best emerging New England folk/soul artist of 2016.

Howl Magazine

“The Soulful, Gravely Voiced Sincerity that Frank Viele is Hooking Audiences with Up and Down the East Coast is Nice To Hear Pumping Through Your Stereo. But Live Hes Transcendent!” ~ Rita Savard

Ink 19

“If this is the direction of indie pop, I’m back on board!” ~ Carl F Gauze

Rust Magazine

“Fall Your Way is a rock-solid classic rock album from beginning to finish. It heralds back to days when all you needed was a groovy song and a sunny day for everything to be alright with the world.” ~ Eric Peterson

Moments In Sound

“Listening to him sing, you knew his conviction was truth!” ~ Teresa Burke

The Low Down – NY

“Viele may be from the north, but he’s got a southern blues rock sensibility” ~Flora Theden

The Blues and Roots Music Blog

“Easy Money”, is a catchy, soul-blues number that will have your fingers and feet snapping and tapping along” ~Marty

Kingston Music Review

“I can’t even begin to explain how sweet sounding the guitar work is!” ~ Matt

“Frank Viele sings with such urgency that it is as if his very soul hangs in the balance of every note. His ravaged, blue collar vocals convey a poignant desperation. But he’s not a victim, he’s a victor, an advocate for surviving, a champion to all who have sacrificed and struggled just to get by” ~ Allen Foster

Pittsburgh In Tune

“Viele’s soulful vocals anchor the 13-track, 45-minute slab, giving a nice funky blues vibe to each and every song.” ~ Jeffrey Sisk

Palace of Rock

“Easy Money” showcases Frank Viele’s smooth combination of 60’s soul, 70’s rock, and modern pop delivering a “70’s Era Steely Dan Esque” swagger that instantly catches your ears.” ~Kaj Roth

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“With his four piece, pedal to the floor band behind him, Viele went on to belt like a demon possessed through all of his original numbers.” ~Bill Copeland

Nashville Music News

“Very much the Everyman of Singer-Songwriters, Viele mixes dry wit with a fiercely soulful delivery” ~Dan Harr

JP’s Music Blog

“You feel the passion in Frank Viele’s voice”


“If you enjoy the funky side of blues, then check our New England based Frank Viele and his latest release Fall Your Way.” ~Todd Godbout

The Alternate Root

“Frank Viele is a musical chameleon on Fall Your Way, his vocals the common ground. He is the street survivor, never falling victim to the night or the hearts that litter boulevards and boardwalks.” ~ Danny

The Examiner

“When Viele pulled out the Ukulele, plugged it in, began tuning it, then Peters came in, then Mirando, then there might have been divine intervention and Otis Redding whispering into Viele’s ear and sitting next to him. That’s how good they were, producing another one of those moments that sent chills down your back” ~ Michael Brooks


“The music is a mix of rock, soul, and blues that simply works. When I listen to it on CD, it’s a group I’d kill to listen to perform live. And after hearing Acoustic Vudu, I think I’ll have to double the bounty.” ~ Brian Fitzpatrick

Blue Addicted – Planet Blues

“FALL YOUR WAY showcases the Connecticut singer-songwriter’s signature whiskey shot, bluesy vocals over the “constant strum” guitar style he picked up as a young teenager tailgating in the parking lots of Dave Matthews Band concerts.”

Live For Live Music

“Emerging from the New England scene, singer/songwriter Frank Viele has been surrounded by music for his whole life, and continues to press the boundaries in the live setting with an incredible band.” ~Dave Melamed

The Big Takeover

“Given Viele’s predilection as a teen for busking in parking lots at Dave Matthews Band concerts, it’s not surprising that Fall has piled up plaudits befitting his prominent protégé.” ~ Mark Suppanz

The Blues Report

“An almost Don Henley feel… sweet and simple.” ~ B-Man


“His powerful voice, relaxing vibe, and eclectic style make for a journey in every song, and allow the listener to get lost in the story that Viele is telling.”  ~ Shannon Livewell

Bill Copeland Music News

“Viele came up with one of New England music scene’s best albums with this Fall Your Way CD. It’s balance of forcefulness and tenderness impresses throughout, and Viele has a unique sound that could carry him far.” ~ Bill Copeland

Unionville Times

“Viele has music embedded in his DNA!” ~Denny Dyroff

Charged FM

“Frank’s actually one of the funniest dudes I’ve met up here in New York.”

Live Music News & Reviews

“A hard working blue collar songsmith”